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Various Projects & Personal Compositions
  • Tumult (All - Keyboards/Programming/Guitar/Rec/Mix/Master) - This is just kind of a rambling recording. It is way longer than it should be, but I was having fun ;).  It has a notable change around the 7 minute mark, so it is kind of broken into two parts.
  • Bailando con las Fantasmas (All - Keyboard/Programming/Rec/Mix/Master) - This was done for a dance performance for a dance presentation by Sarah Leversee at the National School of Fine Arts in Mexico City. It is based off of a simple initial theme from the song that preceded it in the performance - Walk Away by Nitin Sawhney.
  • Promised Land (Keyboard/Programming/Rec/Mix/Master) - This was also done for a dance performance. The singer (Sarah Leversee, Artistic Director of Art as Action) was also the dancer and this was her first recorded or really even performed song.  I did the mixing/mastering as well.
  • Shade Intro (Keyboard/Programming/Rec/Mix/Master) - This doesn't have the best mixing/mastering quality, but I liked some of the sounds and layering. Vocals by Mara Corti.
  • Ceremony Intro - (Keyboard/Programming/Rec/Mix/Master) - I've cut off everything but the intro of this because the rest is a musical theatrical performance with a lot of spoken word. This was for a group called Angels of Alchemy. Singers (in order of singing in first part) are: Ariana SarahaMara Corti, Marta Aarli, and Meagan Chandler. Cameron Powers played the Oud part at the end.
  • Fary Suck - (Keyboard/LoopEdit) - This is a random little ditty I made back in 2000 or so using my friend Jeremiah Johnson's loop editor. I used pre-existing sounds, but I played in all the parts and put together the sequence. Pretty simple, but I still enjoy it, so I'm posting it.


Bee Simonds & Me - two random recordings done for fun with Bee Simonds, who I've worked with in several projects - first has some mixing, second is just fun ;)

Young Lust (Bee Simonds, Jeremiah Johnson, Justin White and me) - I played keys, kit drums and hand percussion (alternated) in this band. These recordings are all from a live show. We had awesome chemistry and Bee, Jeremiah and Justin were awesome to collaborate with.

MPDP (Lori Crotser, Dave Crotser, Jose Ramas and me) - This was a prog-rock band I was in from about 2001-2003.  We spent a good amount of time messing with alternative rhythm structures, but mixed it with more pop/funk sound to make it more enjoyable for a broad audience.  I always intended to get into keys in the band, but I ended up moving unfortunately. It was a great band, with great friends, and I was sad to leave.

Boulder Theater Show (live)

Mu (demo CD)

Thank You Show (live)


Big Spider Tribe - large multi-instrument jam band -- kind of a funk/folk mix - played hand percussion and some keys

  • Dance on Myspace (other recordings from the general group and time period there)


I don't have recordings for a number of the other things, including:

Radio for the Deaf - band right out of college, kind of Smashing Pumpkins / Cure mix - played keys

Bee & Camille - I actually have discs for this, but don't have them imported for posting - folk-rock, and I played hand-drums with Bee Simonds and Camille Bloom

Sherefe and the Habibis - Middle-Eastern band from Boulder, CO -- sat in on kit drums and dumbek several times

Several various Middle-Eastern dance performances playing percussion, mostly dumbek


All songs copyright Michael Hines or Respective Owners, 1999-2011